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This technology offers a treatment breakthrough which can improve a variety of benign skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections, age spots, wrinkles, spider veins, varicose veins...
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Plastic surgeons and physicians specializing in the treatment of burns and skin injuries, have known for many years that oxygen increases blood circulation and cell metabolism...
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This system is suitable for face and body treatments. It firms up facial tissue, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the skin looking bright and supple. It is also applied to treat cellulite build-up, “orange peel” skin, water retention and stretch marks...
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As we age, normal processes in the cell activity slows down.  Collagen breaks down and hardens, elastin and enzymes responsible for elasticity reduces and muscle tissue breaks down with...
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A Vertical Sun Tanner works on the same basic principle as a normal sunbed, but with very distinct advantages. Also enquire about our “Slim while you tan, tan while you slim” treatment.
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Our Vertical Sun Tanner offers a much more convenient way of bronzing your body than with other conventional sunbeds.

What is a Vertical Sun Tanner?

A Vertical Sun Tanner works on the same basic principle as a normal sunbed, but with very distinct differences:

  • The latest German tubing technology is used.
  • The top tube and bottom tubes are of different colours. The bottom pink tubes provide a stronger tanning power than the top blue tubes. NO MORE WHITE LEGS!
  • Each tube has filters in to give an even tan. More rays on your lower body and less in your face.
  • The Vertical Tanner will not cause cancer. The tubes do not emit UVC rays. Only UVA and UVB rays.
  • A session of only 6-7 minutes of tanning per day is required to achieve an even bronze.
  • Because of the short duration of the treatment appointments are freely available.
  • Tanning sessions are available by purchasing packages of 5 or 10 sessions. Individual sessions can also be purchased, but the 5 or 10 session packages are more economical solutions.
  • The Vertical Tanner is safer because bronzing is done in a shorter time and under more controlled conditions than with any other tanning method.
  • The Vertical Tanner is more hygienic to use - you remain standing and you not in contact with the tanner.
  • When you lie on a normal sunbed your skin may fold and cause an uneven tan.
  • The base of the tanner is a reflector. This ensures that the tanning rays reach every part of your body.
  • The Vertical Tanner is very well ventilated to keep the body comfortable and cool.
  • There is space in the Vertical Tanner to move freely. All body part can be exposed.
  • The Vertical Tanner’s time duration is pre-programmed and operates by means of a token system.



We also stock a range of tanning products that compliment the Vertical Tanner. These products enhance your tan, protect your skin from drying out and ensure that the tan will last longer.


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