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This technology offers a treatment breakthrough which can improve a variety of benign skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections, age spots, wrinkles, spider veins, varicose veins...
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Plastic surgeons and physicians specializing in the treatment of burns and skin injuries, have known for many years that oxygen increases blood circulation and cell metabolism...
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This system is suitable for face and body treatments. It firms up facial tissue, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the skin looking bright and supple. It is also applied to treat cellulite build-up, “orange peel” skin, water retention and stretch marks...
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As we age, normal processes in the cell activity slows down.  Collagen breaks down and hardens, elastin and enzymes responsible for elasticity reduces and muscle tissue breaks down with...
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A Vertical Sun Tanner works on the same basic principle as a normal sunbed, but with very distinct advantages. Also enquire about our “Slim while you tan, tan while you slim” treatment.
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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of medication, vitamins and amino acids into the mesoderm (the middle layer of skin). The substance is placed just millimetres under the skin into the problematic area through a series of tiny and almost painless microinjections to deliver healing or corrective or corrective treatments.

The technique was pioneered by Dr Michel Pistor in 1952 and was given formal recognition by the French academy of medicine in 1987. Mesotherapy is currently used by more than 15000 medical practitioners, throughout Europe, Great Brittan and South America.

Mesotherapy has been used in the treatment of acne, arthritis, joint problems and sport injuries, as well as for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing cellulite and for weight loss. While each Mesotherapy treatment may involve a great number of small injections, these can be quickly administered.

Mesotherapy blocks the body’s ability to store fat and stimulates the body’s ability to burn fat. It is not considered an alternative to an educated and healthy lifestyle, but it is a very useful tool to have in a weight loss and skin rejuvenating practise.

Mesotherapy has a wide variety of other uses, depending on the needs of the patient. These include fighting infections, relieving pain and muscle spasms and re-growing hair. However one of the most common usages is for the treatment of cellulite, skin toning, removing stubborn fat and weight loss. Obviously the combination of substances injected would depend on the desired effect.

Mesotherapy has a lot of advantages. It eliminates the side-effects and contra-indications associated with many medications. Often medications intolerance is due to the fact that medication reaches parts of the body that has no need for it. Because the target area is reached immediately and the substance is at the correct concentration, the amount of the drug needed is greatly reduced and the effects can be realized more rapidly. The only side effect is the possibility of minor bruising. Mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no downtime, no bandages or an aesthesia.


Treatment Protocols

After a thorough evaluation by a medical practitioner, the target areas are administered, covering the whole of the area. There are various methods of injecting, such as injecting guns, multiple needle administration apparatus and ordinary syringes and small gauge needles.

The injection procedure is carried out every two weeks for 8 to 10 sessions. In the week between the treatments, the patient must have an Endermologie® treatment to smooth the area and encourage circulation.

Mesotherapy benefits include:

 .    Improved blood flow to the area

   .        Dissolving excess fat deposits

   .        Removing fibrotic hardened connective tissue

   .        Improve lymph drainage

   .        Get rid of love handles, bra bulge or saddlebags

   .        Excellent results on loose skin & cellulite.

Different types of Mesotherapy:

Cellulyse (anti cellulite)

A four stage treatment for cellulite

.               Reduces lipo-edemas

.               Restores an efficient micro-circulation

.               Stimulates lipolysis (fat cell breakdown)

.               Restructures and protects connective tissue

Cellulift (anti aging)

.               For the prevention of loose skin in young and mature skins

.             To strengthen the firmness of skins prematurely damaged by outside aggressions (sun, smoking, pollution, etc.)

.             For the treatment of sagging skin following weight changes (diet, pregnancy,liposuction)

.               Follows Cellulyse treatment


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